Some frequently asked questions:

What exactly should I do in those 9 seconds?

At a minimum, three things:

  1. stop what we are doing at that moment (as long as that is easy and natural; no need to stop driving your car or stop having a conversation);
  2. focus on your next breath (doesn’t have to be extra deep or slow, but shouldn’t be shallow);
  3. write down a few words, or at most a short sentence, whatever spontaneously comes up (keep a journal for this, a small note book or computer file).

Besides these three, it would be good to keep the notion of play as Being in mind as well, in a very loose way.

Can I spend more than 9 seconds?

Oh, sure, however long you like. But I may be better to keep it really short, otherwise it is unlikely to be sustainable in the long run. The advantage of just one breath and just a few words jotted down is that such a 1% time tax can never become a burden.

What should I do in the remaining 891 seconds?

Here is where the notion of play as Being comes in. Initially it is sufficient to remind yourself of this idea during the 9 sec. interval. But gradually you may find that the idea of playing as Being pops up in your mind at random times outside the 9 seconds as well. Ideally, the notion that we can play as if we are Being will take on its own life. And we will find that while we are playing as being Being, Being may show us how It is playing as being us. But this cannot and should not be forced. Much better to just keep the idea of play as Being in mind, loosely, as a background taste, or as something to naturally fall back on — like someone really drawn to a hobby, or someone who has fallen in love, or someone deeply puzzled by some as yet unsolved problem.


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