NOTE: This blog contains the basic background information of the Play as Being project, and also the chat logs of the first half year, from April 1, 2008 through September 30, 2008.  For later chat logs, see the Play as Being wiki.

This is the front page for an ongoing blog with daily entries that form the chronicles of a playful shared adventure around the theme of Being. For overviews of the content, see the digest pages.

Note: I hope to provide introductions in other languages: for German click on Deutsch

“Playing as Being” points to an exploration of reality in which we use our own life as a laboratory. When we switch from what we have to what we are, what do we find? Can we make conjectures, hypotheses about what Being could be, and play with those in our day-to-day life? What happens when we do? The best way to find out is to just give it a try, starting with the description on the page with hints.

This blog reports reflections and discussions that take place daily in Second Life, starting 2008, April 1, currently in Bieup(64,24,104). Note that the names of the avatars present and quotes from their dialogues are only included with specific permission from the avatar typists. There will be daily meetings every six hours, at 1 am, 7 am, 1 pm, and 7 pm SLT (Second Life Time, i.e. California time, also used for the timestamps in this blog).

This blog and the in-world discussions are moderated by Pema Pera (Second Life name; in Real Life Piet Hut), as part of the Ways of Knowing project. To further complicate matters, Piet/Pema’s remarks on this blog appear under the name of playasbeing, the name of this blog. Recently we have also started a PaB wiki where further information can be found. Of special interest may be a collection of excerpts, snippets from some of our daily sessions, and glimpse some examples of how the practice has changed our real life.


3 responses to “Summary

  1. Ha!! I did a google search for your website, and as soon as I saw the maroon colored link, I realized I had recently visited it (before we met at the Zen garden last night). Great stuff! See you inworld

  2. I love your playasbeing groups in secondlife. Thank you for allowing me to attend.

  3. Thank you for letting me participate in the Sunday night group. What a wonderful group of people and such inspiring sentiments. You have piqued my curiosity.

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